Culture Fit Strategy.

Your organization’s culture provides individuals with a way of giving meaning to their daily lives, setting guidelines and rules for how to behave, and, most important, reducing and containing the anxiety of dealing with an unpredictable and uncertain environment. In other words, an organization’s culture tells people what is right versus wrong and explains cause and effect thereby influencing their decisions and actions.

Culture directly affects an organization’s ability to execute its strategy and achieve its goals. It also accounts for as much as 30% of an organization’s performance. It’s not that culture is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Over time, things happen like new competitors, advances in technology, changes to customer needs and expectations and shifts in strategy. When this happens, the culture we have may no longer be the culture we need.

Using our Culture-Strategy Fit Model, we are able to determine the landscape of your organization’s current culture. The model uses 24 culture cards. Each of the Culture Cards describes a cultural practice, behavior or other attribute that is relevant to different organizational contexts. Using the cards ensures that participants have a common framework and language that significantly contributes to the development of a shared understanding of the current culture of the organization.

The Culture Cards provide a framework and shared language for talking, in a safe way, about culture and how it is supporting and/or getting in the way of performance and strategy execution. The culture cards are an effective tool for engaging Leaders and others in conversations about culture paving the way to greater understanding and an intentional approach to shaping and changing organizational culture. They are most effective when used to answer specific questions about the business, such as a problem or goal. This makes the card sort activity concrete and practical while at the same time acknowledging the important role culture plays in the way organizations operate.


  • Align culture with strategy
  • Leverage culture strengths
  • Measure culture change over time
  • Identify culture development needs
  • Describe sub-culture differences
  • Set culture change priorities
  • Take targeted action

After the culture workshop, we will compile a comprehensive report detailing your current culture landscape. In this report, in addition to the analysis, we will provide you with our recommendations based on the results of the exercise. Click here for a sample culture report.